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MIM combines the advantages of plastic injection and powder metallurgy.

It can produce high-strength metal parts with complex shape. MIM also suitable for automation and can produce huge quantity of small parts with precise dimension and complexshape, reduce complicated forms of traditional matal processing. As these advantages, MIM is competitive and being applied in some industry, such as machinery, electron, automoblie, clock, biotech, weapon and tool.
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Metal injection molding (MIM) is a typical interdisciplinary product that integrates two completely different processing processes (plastic injection molding and powder metallurgy).This allows designers to break free from traditional constraints and obtain low-priced, profile-shaped stainless steel, nickel, iron, copper, titanium and other metal parts in a plastic-molded fashion, giving them greater design freedom than many other production processes.

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Quality Advantages

To live up our customers’ high demands, UNION operates a state-of-the-art quality and environmental protection program. 

This includes: UINION companies have ISO 9001、ISO 014001、IATF 16949 、SO 45001 certification.


In terms of testing equipment, we have the following equipment

  • 1Vickers Hardness Tester
  • 2Keyence AOI
  • 3Rohs tester & report
  • 4MFI Tester
  • 52.5D OGP
  • 6XRF
  • 7Salt Spraying Tester
  • 8Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • 9Torsion Tester
  • 10Tensible Tester
Reliable provider of mini & complex shape components


Equipment is the core of precision metal parts industrial. Our investing on leading types of
machines and upgrade of software has never stopped.


Human is the most valuable resourse in any company.Excellent operator is the basis of good quality and service.
We are proud that our leading class all have more than 5 years' seniority.
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  • Manager   

    and above

    Average seniority 12 years

  • Assistant  


    Average seniority 10 years

  • Section   


    Average seniority 7 years

  • Team  


    Average seniority 5 years

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