• LIANTENG LTD., Establised in Haiphong, Vietnam

    The First Stage Mainly Production and QC. Item Equipment List Qty Brand 1 CNC Spring Machine FV-210 5 ODM 2 CNC Spring Machine FP-1008 1 ODM 3 CNC Spring Machine SR-16X 1 ODM 4 Compression spring Machine  CMF8-8E 1 Taiwan Brand 5 Compression spring Machine  CNC-8 2 China Brand 6 C...
  • What is included in the “hardware” often mentioned in decoration? what’s the effect

    As we all know, furniture has two major components, one is the board that makes up the cabinet, and the other is the hardware for the furniture. For example, the handles of the wardrobe, the clothes rails hanging in the cabinet, the slides on the drawers, although they are not very eye-catching, ...
  • What exactly do Chinese hardware need?

    What exactly do Chinese hardware need?

    We must know who China hardware Brand Alliance is, what kind of commercial civilization we need, and what kind of world we should create. It was a good time and a bad time. Many of our factories are still trying to use cheap labor to win the favor of international buyers, but the advantage o...
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