LIANTENG LTD., Establised in Haiphong, Vietnam

The First Stage Mainly Production and QC.

Item Equipment List Qty Brand
1 CNC Spring Machine FV-210 5 ODM
2 CNC Spring Machine FP-1008 1 ODM
3 CNC Spring Machine SR-16X 1 ODM
4 Compression spring Machine  CMF8-8E 1 Taiwan Brand
5 Compression spring Machine  CNC-8 2 China Brand
6 Compression spring Machine  CNC-26 1 China Brand
7 Heat Treatment Furnace 5 Taiwan and China Brand
8 Load Tester 2 JISC
9 Projector 2 WANHAO
10 Life Tester 1 AOG

Production advantage—LIANTENG Selection Machine:  
Mainly based on full servo potter computer spring machine, with compression machine

1. Cooperate with the design and development of spring machine factory
2. With the same material and wire diameter, the technician does not
need to disassemble the machine part, save time in adjusting the machine and processing the spring
3. The machine system memory stores so many groups of designs,    customers are able to shorten assembly time and design verification
4. Can produce both springs and small shrapnel


Post time: May-17-2021
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