What exactly do Chinese hardware need?


We must know who China hardware Brand Alliance is, what kind of commercial civilization we need, and what kind of world we should create.

It was a good time and a bad time.

Many of our factories are still trying to use cheap labor to win the favor of international buyers, but the advantage of labor has gradually left us; Our dealers still hope to use low prices in the market tenacious resistance, but do not know that the final damage is their own interests; Our brand is trying to wash away the old enclosure movement, but we don't know that the strategy of closing the market is the enemy of killing the whole industry. When made in China over and over again, we Chinese themselves do not believe that Made in China, we have a hunch that interests driven, mercenary old commercial civilization has begun to decline, a new commercial civilization is struggling in the dark before dawn!

What China needs is a more open, more sharing, more responsibility, and a social enterprise that puts social needs in the first place. It comes from the society and serves the society. What China needs is a kind of spirit, a kind of culture, a kind of faith, a kind of dream, a sense of responsibility to serve the industry, a kind of zeitgeist to contribute to China's industrial upgrading, and a firm belief to achieve a better life for mankind.

Since its establishment, China Hardware Brand Alliance has been committed to building China's hardware tools brand to find a new mode of cross-industry marketing, thinking from the perspective of the industrial chain to enable China's manufacturing industry to use high quality and relatively low price and reliable hardware products. With so many problems and a great desire, China Hardware Brand Alliance, with the assistance of Shanghai Industry Association Salon, began a long visit to various industry associations closely related to tool enterprises, walked into the terminal, to understand the needs of the terminal, to understand the terminal's opinions and Suggestions on the hardware industry. Our goal is very clear, we want to create a brand new access, for the Chinese hardware brand into the terminal thoroughness! Secretaries of state who have a deep understanding of the industry have presented us with a picture of industry convergence and in-depth communication.

An idea is gradually emerging in our minds, and we feel the mystery of this power. It can penetrate the barriers between industries, it can break the inherent prejudice of traditional industries against Chinese manufacturing, it is a power of integration, a power to deliver high-quality supply to the best demand.

The brand alliance will lead Chinese hardware enterprises into the sweltering workshops of shipyards, the modern high-tech factories of automobile factories, and the operation workshops that are free of the idle people in the electric power system... Feel the first needs of front-line workers, understand the most humanized tools in the eyes of senior engineers, and explore the special needs of special industries for tools!

Brand alliance to create an unprecedented road, this is the hardware industry new commercial civilization!

Post time: Aug-22-2020
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