What is included in the “hardware” often mentioned in decoration? what’s the effect

As we all know, furniture has two major components, one is the board that makes up the cabinet, and the other is the hardware for the furniture. For example, the handles of the wardrobe, the clothes rails hanging in the cabinet, the slides on the drawers, although they are not very eye-catching, they are very important things. Today, I will briefly talk about those things about “hardware”!

1. Types of furniture hardware

1. Pulley

Pulleys are often used in sliding doors. It is a very important accessory in sliding doors. Its function is to make the sliding door have a certain buffer function when it is opened and closed.

In this way, it is not easy to pinch your hands when closing the door, and it also plays a supporting role. Generally, pulleys are installed under the sliding door and used in conjunction with the sliding rail, so that the heavy sliding door can be opened and closed easily There are many types of pulleys.

For example, wooden doors, glass doors, and folding screen doors use different pulleys. If distinguished by function, there are pulleys such as silent and dustproof.

2. Anti-theft lock

Anti-theft locks are somewhat different from ordinary door locks. On the surface, there is no difference, but the working principle of the lock core inside is completely different. The anti-theft locks are more sophisticated, and now there are many types of anti-theft locks, which are magnetic. Fingerprints, many styles, fingerprint and face recognition anti-theft locks are very popular in recent years, and the anti-theft function is also the best.

3. Hook

Regardless of the small size of the hook, it has a wide range of functions. We can hang it at the entrance of the door. You can hang keys, coats and bags. In the bathroom, you can also hang towels and toiletries. You can hang a lot in the kitchen. Kitchen tools, it can be said that every space in our family can use hooks.

4. Hinge

The hinge is the hardware installed on the flat door. The number of hinges is selected according to the height of the door panel.

There are also many kinds of hinges. The installation positions of door panels and cabinets are different, and the styles of hinges are also different. The hinges used in the installation of wardrobes and cabinets and the hinges installed on doors and windows are completely different, and the functions are also different. Now on the market Most of the hinges on sale are made of stainless steel.

In this way, there will be no deterioration after a long time of use, and many hinges have their own damping function. This way, no noise is generated when the door is closed.

5. Handle

As long as there is a door position, it must be equipped with a handle. It is a very important piece of hardware. If there is no handle on the door, it will increase a lot of difficulty when opening the door. The handle is a very convenient piece of hardware.

2. What is furniture hardware?

Furniture hardware is actually a very broad term, and it contains many types of hardware. For example, the lifts on the sofa, pulleys, hinges, springs, screws, angle irons, and even the iron used for decoration can be counted in the furniture hardware.

Among the furniture hardware, the handle is the most frequently used, because almost all the furniture in our home has a handle, through the handle can easily open the cabinet door and drawer, and in recent years, many handles are embedded on the door panel , It seems that the furniture is very high-end. In terms of quality, it also incorporates a lot of high-tech, spray paint on the surface of the handle, inlaid with jewelry, to meet the requirements of consumers.

Do you know what furniture hardware is? I hope everyone can buy furniture hardware suitable for their own use when buying

Post time: Jan-13-2021
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